Cellular Phone Coverage

Since many of us now have cellular telephones, we thought it might be worthwhile to highlight a few points regarding how insurance applies to this technology:

If a cellular phone is stolen from your car (or along with your car if it is stolen), is the phone covered by your auto insurance? No, it is not unless the phone is permanently installed and powered by the car’s electrical system. Since most cellular phone are now digital and are portable (carried in your pocket or purse), it is unlikely that coverage for your phone will be provided by your auto policy.

Is your portable cell phone covered by your homeowners or renters insurance? Sometimes it is, but coverage is subject to the policy provisions and deductible in your homeowners or renters policy.

Can you buy broader coverage for your portable cell phone? Yes, most companies offer a special, broader coverage for portable cell phones that can be added to a homeowners or renters policy. Call us for details.

What if you lease a portable cell phone? If you lease a phone, check with the company you lease the phone from to see what (if any) coverage they may provide. You may then want to check with us to compare coverages and cost.

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Robert Felty

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