Business Insurance

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As a business owner, you take calculated risks every day in order keep your business thriving. But what about the risks you haven’t considered? As with all insurance, the proper policy and proper planning to avoid gaps or voids in coverage is our primary goal..

Regardless of what line of business you work in, business insurance can protect you in a host of ways, including:

  •  Costs associated with the loss of property
  •  Risk of business interruption
  •  Protection from lawsuits
  •  Worker’s Compensation
  •  and many more!

It’s not just a company, it’s your business and livelihood!

The costs associated with a business insurance policy are small compared with the large risks that you’ll protect against.  If you currently rely simply on property insurance, you are protecting your assets but not the business itself. If there’s a  business interruption or a  lawsuit, you need business insurance to ensure that you can keep going.

In addition to Commercial Property Insurance and Commercial Liability Insurance, Toth Felty Insurance offers Commercial Umbrella Policies, Product Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, and Automobile Insurance for business and commercial use.

BIG or SMALL, we have the right policy for you!

 Business Insurance Statistics

The following charts represent statistical insurance information for businesses in the State of Ohio for the year 2017.

***Business insurance statistics provided by DataLinks for 2017.

***The average insurance plan utilized for business owners in Ohio.