After requesting a bond, your requests will be processed and you will receive a confirmation within 24 business hours. To make certain your requests are correctly and promptly processed, please:

  • Allow a minimum of 72 hours prior to the bid due date in order to have enough time to obtain approval on bonds.
  • Make certain to complete as much information as possible on the “Bond Request” form so that we may provide a most timely response to your request for a bid bond.
  • Make sure to fax or email any additional required paperwork, such as bond requirements, power of attorney, or other forms..

Bonding Services & Surety Bonds at Toth-Felty

  • License and Permit Bond: in order to obtain building permits or contractor licenses. Please email or fax the blank bond form (if provided) to our office, or provide the name of the municipality if no bond form was provided to you.
  • Bid Bond: Guarantees a contractor’s bid was submitted in good faith, and that they intend to enter into the contract at the submitted price.
  • Performance Bond: Protects the owner from a financial loss should the contractor fail to fulfill a contract.
  • Supply Bond: Guarantees fulfillment and performance of a contract to furnish specified supplies or materials.
  • Subdivision/Completion Bond: Guarantees the principal will finance and construct certain improvements.
  • Maintenance Bond: Guarantees against any possible defects after the completion of a contract.
  • The Non-Contract Bond Application: Can be used to apply for all Probate, Court, and Public Official Bonds..

We pledge to provide exceptional service to our all of our bond customers, who rely on our timely and accurate bond request fulfillment. We are proud to offer surety bonds to our clients from the fine insurance companies that we represent.

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Bonds Statistics

The following charts demonstrate the percentages of those who are and are not insured in the State of Ohio and who is likely to be responsible for accidents.

Based on state-wide reporting data for the fiscal year 2017.

provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety in 2017

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