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If you’re looking for auto body shop business insurance, you’re in the right place.

Auto body shops repair cars that have been in fender benders and collisions. They make cars look as good as new so that it’s impossible to tell that the accident ever happened. The clients who entrust body shops with their vehicles rely on their advice and expertise, which is why auto body repair shops can be sued for fraud and negligence. And that’s why you need the right auto body shop insurance.

Collision repair shops are sued all the time for issues like…

  • Faulty work
  • Customers slipping and falling while in the garage area
  • Peeling paint
  • Not using factory original parts
  • Workers comp claims

Are you protected from all of the risks that your auto body shop faces?

Here at TothFelty, we have experience helping businesses get auto body shop insurance, including:

  • Antique and classic automobile restoration
  • Automotive body shops
  • Automotive interior shops
  • Automotive paint shops
  • Automotive tops (canvas or plastic), installation, repair, or sales and installation
  • Automotive trim shops
  • Bump shops
  • Collision shops
  • Customizing automobiles, trucks or vans: except on a factory basis
  • Upholstery repair for vehicles
  • Van conversions, except on a factory basis

BIG or SMALL, we have the right policy for you!

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The following charts represent statistical insurance information for businesses in the State of Ohio for the year 2017.

Business insurance statistics provided by DataLinks for 2017.

The average insurance plan utilized for business owners in Ohio.

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