Cracked Windshield? What AAA Auto Insurance Covers

Does AAA Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Repair? Top 3 Benefits

Why Windshield Safety is Crucial

Does AAA Auto Insurance cover windshield repair? The simple answer is yes if you have comprehensive coverage. With comprehensive insurance, AAA will typically cover the cost of windshield repair or replacement, though a deductible may apply unless state laws specify otherwise.

  • Quick Answer:
  • Replacement: Covered under comprehensive insurance
  • Repair: Often covered with no deductible

Windshields are more than just a glass barrier; they play a critical role in vehicle safety. A cracked or chipped windshield can compromise your car’s structural integrity, impair your line of sight, and even hinder airbag deployment during a crash.

AAA understands the importance of maintaining a clear and intact windshield. Their comprehensive coverage includes windshield repair and replacement, ensuring you drive safely without worrying about the costs. Policies vary, so always check your specific coverage details to know exactly what’s included.

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In the following sections, we will delve deeper into understanding windshield damage, the specifics of AAA’s coverage, and when to opt for repair or replacement. Whether your windshield is chipped from road debris or cracked in an unfortunate accident, knowing your AAA auto insurance benefits can provide peace of mind and quick solutions.

Understanding Windshield Damage

Your car’s windshield is more than just a piece of glass; it’s a crucial safety device. Here’s why:

Safety Device

The windshield protects you from wind, water, and debris. But it does more. In a collision, it keeps most outside objects from entering the vehicle. This helps protect you and your passengers from serious injuries.

Crash Injuries

A strong windshield can reduce crash injuries. It acts as a barrier, preventing you from being ejected from the vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), ejection from a vehicle significantly increases the risk of fatal injuries.

Airbag Deployment

In many cars, the windshield plays a critical role in airbag deployment. When a crash occurs, the front passenger airbag uses the windshield as a backstop to inflate properly. If your windshield is cracked or damaged, it might not support the airbag correctly, compromising its effectiveness.

Structural Integrity

The windshield also supports the roof of your vehicle. In a rollover accident, a strong windshield helps prevent the roof from collapsing. This is crucial for protecting the occupants inside.

Regularly inspecting your windshield for damage is essential. Even small chips and cracks can compromise these safety features. If you notice any damage, it’s important to address it promptly to maintain the safety and integrity of your vehicle.

Does AAA Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Repair?

Types of Coverage

When it comes to windshield repair, Toth-Felty Insurance typically has you covered, but the specifics depend on your policy. Here’s a breakdown of the main types of coverage:

Comprehensive Coverage: This is your go-to for non-collision-related damages. If your windshield is damaged by weather, vandalism, or even a rogue tree branch, comprehensive coverage will handle it. However, be prepared to pay a deductible unless state laws or policy details specify otherwise. For example, in Florida, insurers can’t charge a deductible for windshield repairs or replacement.

Collision Coverage: If your windshield is damaged in a car accident, collision coverage comes into play. Whether you were at fault or not will determine if you pay a deductible. If the other driver is at fault, their liability insurance should cover the damage without a deductible.

Full Glass Coverage: Some states require insurers to offer a “full glass coverage” option, which means no deductible for any glass repairs or replacements. States like Arizona, Connecticut, and New York mandate this option, allowing you to choose a $0 deductible for glass repairs.

Member Benefits

Being a member comes with its perks, especially when it comes to windshield repair and replacement.

Auto Glass Services: Toth-Felty Insurance offers auto glass repair and replacement services in various locations. Their mobile service means certified technicians come to you, using OEM quality materials to ensure your windshield meets all original specifications.

Member Rewards: Members earn rewards for using their auto glass services. You can earn rewards for windshield repair and more for windshield replacement. These rewards can be used for future services.

Ease of Service: One of the standout features of the service is that they handle the insurance paperwork for you, making the process smooth and hassle-free. Just call their hotline for a free, no-obligation price quote and to get started on your claim.

In summary, comprehensive coverage usually takes care of windshield repairs, and members enjoy additional benefits and discounts.

When to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

Repairable Damage

Not all windshield damage requires a full replacement. Small chips and cracks can often be repaired, saving you time and money.

Chip Size: Chips smaller than a quarter are typically repairable. These minor damages can be fixed using a polymer resin, which fills the chip and restores the structural integrity of the glass.

Crack Length: Cracks less than a few inches long can generally be repaired. The repair process involves injecting a resin into the crack, allowing it to dry, and then smoothing the surface to make the damage nearly invisible.

Repairing these minor damages is not just about aesthetics. It also prevents the damage from spreading, which can lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the future.

Replacement Criteria

While small chips and cracks can be repaired, some types of damage require a full windshield replacement.

Edge Cracks: Cracks that extend from the edge of the windshield are more likely to spread quickly. These types of cracks compromise the structural integrity of the glass, making replacement a safer option.

Driver’s Line of Sight: Any damage, no matter how small, that falls within the driver’s line of sight should be replaced rather than repaired. Even minor repairs can cause slight distortions, affecting visibility and safety.

ADAS Calibration: Modern vehicles often come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like lane-keeping assistance and automatic braking. These systems rely on sensors and cameras mounted on the windshield. Replacing the windshield in such vehicles requires precise calibration to ensure these systems function correctly. This calibration can add $100 to $400 to the total cost of replacement.

In summary, understanding when to repair or replace your windshield can save you money and ensure your safety. Small chips and cracks can often be repaired, but edge cracks, damage within the driver’s line of sight, and vehicles with ADAS systems usually require a full replacement. Always consult with a professional to assess the damage and determine the best course of action.

Next, we’ll dive into the cost and quality considerations for windshield repair and replacement.

Cost and Quality Considerations

When dealing with windshield damage, it’s crucial to understand both the costs involved and the quality of materials used. Let’s break it down.

Cost of Repairs

Repair Costs:
Small Chips: Repairing minor chips typically costs between $60 and $100 each.
Small Cracks: Similar to chip repairs, small crack repairs usually fall within the $60 to $100 range.
Large Cracks: Repairing larger cracks can cost $125 or more.

Replacement Costs:
Older Cars: Replacing a windshield on older vehicles usually ranges from $300 to $500.
Newer Vehicles: For newer cars with advanced technology, such as rain-sensing wipers and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the cost can exceed $1,000. Calibrating these systems can add an extra $100 to $400 to the total cost.

AAA members often benefit from discounts on both repairs and replacements. For instance, members can earn 5 AAA Dollars for windshield repair and 10 AAA Dollars for windshield replacement.

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Quality of Replacement

When replacing a windshield, the quality of the glass and the installation process is critical.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Glass:
OEM Glass: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass matches the specifications of the original windshield installed by the vehicle manufacturer. It ensures an exact fit and maintains the integrity of safety features.
Aftermarket Glass: This is glass produced by third-party manufacturers. While often cheaper, it may not fit as precisely as OEM glass and could affect the functionality of safety features.

AGSC Certification:
For a job done right, choose an auto glass business that is a Registered Member Company with the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and employs AGSC Certified Technicians. This certification ensures that the technicians use the proper materials and techniques for safe windshield replacement.

In summary, while repair costs for chips and small cracks are relatively low, replacement costs can vary significantly based on the vehicle’s age and technology. Prioritizing OEM glass and certified technicians ensures the best quality and safety for your vehicle.

Next, we’ll tackle some frequently asked questions about AAA auto insurance and windshield repair.

Frequently Asked Questions about AAA Auto Insurance and Windshield Repair

Does Toth-Felty Insurance offer a discount at Safelite?

Yes, Toth-Felty Insurance members can benefit from discounts at Safelite AutoGlass. Safelite is a well-known provider for auto glass repair and replacement services. Toth-Felty Insurance often partners with Safelite to offer members reduced rates and convenient service options. Members can use Toth-Felty Insurance’s online facility locator to find a participating Safelite location and enjoy these discounts.

Can you fix a cracked windshield without replacing it?

Yes, many cracks and chips can be repaired without needing a complete windshield replacement. The key factors that determine if a windshield can be repaired include the size, depth, and location of the damage. Generally, chips smaller than a quarter and cracks shorter than three inches can be fixed using a polymer resin. This special resin is injected into the damaged area, then cured and polished to restore the windshield’s integrity.

Does California car insurance cover windshield replacement?

In California, whether your car insurance covers windshield replacement depends on the type of coverage you have. Comprehensive coverage typically includes glass repair and replacement. However, the specifics can vary based on your policy and insurer. Unlike some states with specific regulations mandating $0 deductible for windshield repairs, California does not have such a law. Therefore, you may still need to pay a deductible unless your policy includes a special glass coverage option.

For more detailed information, always check your policy or contact your insurance agent.


At Toth-Felty Insurance, we understand that dealing with a cracked or chipped windshield can be a hassle. That’s why we offer personalized insurance solutions to ensure you have the best possible coverage for your auto repair needs.

Operating out of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of auto insurance. Whether you need to understand the details of your comprehensive coverage or need help filing a claim, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

With our expertise, you can drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle is well-protected. For more information on how we can tailor an auto insurance plan to your needs, visit our auto insurance service page.

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Let us help you navigate auto insurance with ease.

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